User-led design and engagement Supplier request

South West AHSN Request for a partner to support development of programmatic approach to user-led design and engagement, to deliver insight as part of our regional health equity programmes

Project Scope 

The South West AHSN is seeking to commission a supplier to undertake specific user-led design and engagement activities across three health equity programmes, to deliver insight. This engagement will start with our perinatal programme (#1) where the supplier will deliver the insight alongside developing a methodological approach and capability building activities that will allow the South West AHSN to engage users in our future health equity programmes.

The capability building approach to programme #1 will mean less support is required from the supplier organisation for health equity programme #2 and they will act in more of an advisory role for programme #3.

High Level Requirements  

We are therefore seeking an organisation that is an expert in user-led design and engagement and can demonstrate their experience through CVs, case studies and client references.

The supplier will need to also demonstrate their ability to work in partnership with the South West AHSN to build organisational capability in user-led design and engagement.  We are looking for examples of outputs and interactions that will build this capability.

The methodology for user engagement will need to be jointly developed with the AHSN to ensure that there is the capability and capacity to deliver it as part of our programme approach.

Those organisations who are interested in bidding for the work, can request a specification document, which will be available on request until Friday 6th August.  Please email the request to