South West Multiple Sclerosis Network

Connecting multiple sclerosis services in South West England to reduce variation for patients, improve resilience and share best practice.

The South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN) is supporting the South West Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Network, born in 2019 from a vision of lead MS consultants and teams in Devon and Cornwall to develop a collaboration between all MS centres to improve services and reduce variation.

The South West MS Network aspires to deliver:

  • Enhanced and consistent approaches to MS diagnosis and management.
  • A single database with comprehensive historic and live patient data.
  • Consistent processes underpinning MS treatment decision-making and longitudinal monitoring.
  • Improved links across teams and organisations that are supporting people with MS to create a more sustainable and effective Peninsula MS team;
  • A highly attractive cohort for clinical trials and other research projects by using a combined population of circa 4,500 MS patients.

Based on the MS Network's unique approach and the opportunity it provides to generate significant improvements in the outcomes for people with MS in the region, funding was secured to support a project management post to help drive the project forward.

In September 2019 a kick-off stakeholder event was held at the SW AHSN, attracting over 60 people from across the South West involved in supporting care for people with MS. The workshop and wider consultation identified the following six key work streams for the project to focus on:

  1. Shared clinical management platform
  2. 21st Century multi-disciplinary team
  3. Patient activation
  4. Improved and consistent pathways
  5. Workforce and education
  6. Coordinated research

For more information on each of the work streams, please click here.

In January 2020, the MS Network ran six work stream meetings at the SW AHSN offices. The work stream meetings focussed on looking at the feasibility of the ideas that were previously identified to deliver improved and consistent MS services across the region. The proposed project activities grid prioritises the actions and key initiatives that the Network plans to move forward with as a result of the work stream discussions.

If you are interested in engaging in the project or feel that you can help inform development of any of the work streams we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us at