Asthma biologics is part of the Rapid Uptake Products (RUP) programme for 2021/2022, designed to support stronger adoption and spread of proven innovations.

RUP identifies and supports products with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approval that support the NHS Long Term Plan’s key clinical priorities, but have lower than expected uptake to date.

The Pathway Transformation Fund (PTF) is available to help NHS organisations integrate selected RUP into everyday practices and to overcome barriers to deploying them.

Following a successful bid to the PTF, submitted by the South West AHSN in collaboration with the West of England AHSN, working alongside Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Acute Trusts, £129,000 funding has been awarded for the treatment of severe asthma in the region.

Funding is available to the entire South West of England, from Cornwall to Swindon. The South West Severe Asthma Network will work with all hospitals to create a common pathway for managing asthma care streamlining the process of referral to severe asthma centres and access to asthma biologic therapy.