Evaluation: Our offer

We evaluate existing patient pathways and services and the impact associated with the adoption of New Models of Care.

We use robust academic methodologies to evaluate interventions. We provide usable and useful evaluation findings and insight and we help organisations to understand the potential implications of adopting interventions.

South Somerset Symphony: we are working in collaboration with the South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit and the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York to evaluate the South Somerset Symphony Vanguard.

New Technology and Practices: we support our Innovation and Improvement teams to evaluate the implementation of news ways of working and new technologies and practices across the system. We are working with colleagues and their stakeholders to ensure their Innovation or Improvement projects have a strong evaluation framework and plans to ensure they can be appropriately resourced and carried out.

Advice, Guidance and Tools: we are currently supporting member organisations to scope, deliver and procure evaluations of specific community and acute projects. We are also developing a set of online tools to promote good practice in evaluation across the South West. Read our helpful guide.

Evaluation Delivery: our approach to evaluation ensures that whatever the type of evaluation being carried out, whether formative, developmental or summative in nature, it will go beyond the reporting back of facts, figures and experience and in itself be a tool to support positive change. Our partners and our Intelligence team commit to providing usable and useful insight for the sector through offering robust academic methodologies that are grounded in the everyday realities of organisations.

For more information please contact a member of the Intelligence team: info@swahsn.com.