Analytics: Our offer

We provide supporting analysis to assist with workforce development, improve operational management and support the local health system in the move to population based healthcare.

Our analysis helps organisations and decision-makers to more accurately define issues and service challenges and understand the scale of current challenges facing the health and care system.

We provide cost benefit analysis to support transformation and we help speed up the adoption of innovative products, services and technologies, using data to assess the potential impact of an innovation or intervention.

Regional Intelligence Analysts Network (RIAN): we are working with partners to develop and deliver training and development opportunities to increase the skill and capacity of data and information analysts within NHS and health and social care organisations across the South West.

Whole System Linked Data Sets: we support the creation of linked system wide data sets. These linked datasets aim to provide local leaders and decision-makers with a better understanding of current population need in order to plan service developments and measure change over time.

Application development: we develop tools to deliver insight, including self-service tools such as:

Support for Evaluation

  • Identify relevant cohorts of patients for interventions.
  • Produce statistical process control (SPC) analysis of variation in support of operational management.

Assist in interpretation of published data

  • Working with member organisations and their staff to identify opportunities to reduce variation and improve outcomes.
  • Use of existing datasets to produce visualisations to help members understand their data and in turn to focus their improvement work.

Data Management

  • Collate and create datasets needed to support analyses.

For more information please contact a member of the Intelligence team: