Innovation Pathway

NHS healthcare professionals, university academics, industry, charities and social enterprises often have good ideas for new products or services that could improve the NHS. However, the pathway to support the implementation and integration of these new ideas is not always clear.

The AHSN Network use the Innovation Pathway to describe the different types of support offered to innovators by AHSNs across the country.

The South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN) provides the following support to innovators within the Innovation Pathway:

Culture: creating an ‘innovation culture‘ is an important part of our work. We support NHS organisations in our network to create a culture for innovation and use our Innovation Hackathons to support this work.

Ideas: we work in collaboration with our partners to support businesses, charities and social enterprises to develop their products and services.

Intellectual Property: we work in partnership with organisations to support the early stage development of intellectual property and the commercialisation of NHS originated innovation.

Markets: we support businesses, charities and social enterprises with innovative products and services to understand and access the health and care market.

Finance: we have established partnerships with funders and investors to finance the testing and development of innovative services from businesses, charities and social enterprises.

Clinical Trials: we work closely with our partners at the National Institute for Healthcare Research South West Clinical Research Network who provide a dedicated service to facilitate clinical trials to evaluate new drugs, therapies and medical technology devices.

Evaluation: we facilitate and support partnerships between businesses, charities and social enterprises and the NHS to evaluate innovation in the health and care system.

Brokering and Adoption: we facilitate and support partnerships between businesses, charities and social enterprises and the NHS to broker innovation into the health and care system.

For more information please contact a member of the Innovation team: