Innovation and Technology Tariff

NHS England will fast-track the introduction of seven types of medical technology products during 2017/18 through the Innovation and Technology Tariff (ITT).

The Tariff removes the need for multiple local price negotiations and allows automatic reimbursement from NHS England based on four different models:

  • Care providers can order four of the innovations directly from the supplier at no cost (NHS England will then reimburse the supplier directly)
  • NHS England will reimburse money for one of the innovations based on the number of times it is used
  • One of the innovations is an alternative to existing surgery and is already funded as part of NHS England tariff calculations
  • One innovation category will be paid for by NHS England upfront and distributed regionally via Academic Health Science Networks.

The four innovations that care providers can order directly from the supplier at no cost are:

The innovation to be reimbursed based on the number of uses is:

The innovation funded through existing tariff calculations is:

The innovation category paid for by NHS England and distributed via your local AHSN is:

The tariff went live on 01 April 2017, and NHS England and AHSNs are encouraging the widespread purchase, reimbursement and use of these technologies. For further information on the Tariff please go to the link below and/or email Stuart Monk, Interim Director of Innovation on

Innovation and Technology Tariff technical notes

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