Adoption and Spread

In 2019/20, the South West Academic Health Science Network is working with health and care teams on the adoption and spread of evidence-based tools in four main areas:

Emergency Department (ED) Safety Checklist - a simple time-based framework that outlines clinical tasks that need completing for each patient in the first hours of their admittance to an ED.

The tool ensures that assessments and tests happen in a timely way in order to improve patient satisfaction and reduce risks. The number of emergency departments using the checklist is growing quickly as clinicians realise it keeps their patients safe.

It is supported and endorsed by NHS England and NHS Improvement, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, and the Royal College of Nursing.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Discharge Bundle comprises the following key quality measures to benefit patients with COPD:

1) Inhaler technique is assessed with the patient prior to discharge

2) Provision of (1) written information to the patient and (2) medication rescue packs on discharge

3) If a current smoker, the patient is offered a referral to Stop Smoking Service

4) The patient is assessed for suitability for pulmonary rehabilitation

5) An 'appropriate' post-discharge follow-up is arranged

PReCePT (Prevention of Cerebral Palsy in the Preterm Infant) helps to reduce cerebral palsy in babies through the increased antenatal administration of magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) to mothers during preterm labour, costing from £1 per individual dose.

Emergency Laparotomy Collaborative improves standards of care for patients undergoing emergency laparotomy surgery, reduces mortality rates, complications and hospital length of stay while encouraging a culture of collaboration and embedding quality improvement skills to ensure sustainability of change projects.

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