Workforce Sustainability

The health and care system is facing an unprecedented workforce challenge. The workforce is aging and reducing faster than people can be recruited and trained, whilst demand for support and services is increasing. It is no longer possible to replace like for like and there is a need for a different type of workforce for a more sustainable model of care which enables independence, health and wellbeing.

Workforce sustainability is about two things. Firstly, looking after the existing workforce and secondly, ensuring that the future workforce has the appropriate competencies, to deliver support where and when required, focusing on providing quality person-centred care.

To support our members and the wider health and care sector achieve a sustainable workforce the South West Academic Health Science Network will be working:

  • With partners through Sustainability Transformation Plans (STPs) workforce groups to create where possible whole system place based workforce plans that take into consideration primary, secondary, community, private and voluntary health and care services.
  • To articulate and demonstrate the optimum workforce resource mix by practice population and level of need within the context of the local system.

We currently have the following workforce sustainability-related programmes in place; Primary Care Workforce Sustainability, Community Education Provider Networks and Whole System Integrated Workforce Planning.