Applied Research in Implementation

A persistent challenge in bringing about improvement and implementing new and different ways of working in healthcare is that differences in context, across different settings, make it difficult to generalise what approach to take.

Our work with academic partners aims to find answers to the following questions, enabling us to learn and to seek to inform the spread and adoption of good practice across the region:

  • What can be learned about the implementation processes in different contexts?
  • What constrains and facilitates this implementation?
  • How is the implementation tailored and adapted?
  • What are the critical factors enabling and disabling implementation and improvement?

In 2016/17 we reported on a key piece of collaborative work entitled Analysing Implementation in Acute Stroke and Patient Initiated Clinics (ASPIC), in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care South West Peninsula (PEN CLAHRC). In 2017/18 we will be developing Phase two of this work looking at tool development to support implementation.

For more information about our work in Applied Research in Implementation please contact a member of the Improvement team: