How we can support you

The Innovation Exchange works by utilising our collective knowledge of the health and care system working closely with our members and partners who commission, provide or support the provision of health and care.

The South West Academic Health Science Network works to improve health and wellbeing for around 2.2 million people living within the South West covering Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, or wider for England, UK and the international markets as relevant to the innovation.

Your ideas, products, interventions or new services could have the potential for changing lives through spread and adoption in the NHS and care system. How do you know if this is true? How supported do you feel in having the right conversations to find out where it fits in? We support innovators entering the health and care sector and works closely with those who work in it.

We cannot promise that the answer will always be positive or accelerated for everyone, but with your passion and energy to make a difference and our knowledge and connections, we can work together to find out what the potential is and how to move forward.

Talk to us or get involved in our activities:

First time talking to us? Get in touch about your innovation or find out how we can support your research and development. We start by getting to know a bit more about you. Email and we will send you more information on getting started.

Attend one of our Market Insight Surgeries. These are specialist and confidential support sessions with our team providing insights into the NHS and care system. Sign up for one of our sessions.

Want an intensive fast-paced introduction to making your business case? The Health Innovation Programme is for early-stage innovators, clinicians, practitioners and researchers with an interest in fast-tracking their understanding of the health and care system. Contact us at if you would like more information.

Focussing on digital health? DHA South West is our local digital health accelerator working with five companies to provide intensive and specialist support for their companies and the innovations they are developing. We are one of seven AHSNs working together, find out more onlineĀ and through our online brochure.

We could not do our work without the passionate and enthusiastic people in our communities and health and care system. We are already working with many of you through various networks, collaborative projects, and engagement activities. If we are not already connected and you would like to work with us as a practitioner, clinician, or professional in an administrative or managerial role in the health and care system, please do get in touch. Email us at for more information or call 01392 247903.

Are you a patient or member of the public who would like to get involved who is passionate about innovation or would like to get more involved in our work? We have just completed a recruitment round for our Quality Improvement Partner Panels (QuIPPs). You can still get involved with our work on innovation; email and we will send you more information.