Digital Health Accelerator South West

Following a competitive application process in early 2018, Digital Health Accelerator (DHA) South West selected companies with digital innovations to receive intensive support until August 2019.

By working with the innovators to speed up access, the accelerators will ensure that thousands of people benefit from latest technologies to improve their health and that high potential companies grow faster, supporting economic growth across the country.

The 12-month programme launched in September 2018, providing the following support to companies:

  • One-to-one support from a designated small team of NHS and care navigators
  • Specialist training and workshops
  • Support with product and service development
  • Opportunities to meet experts from business, clinical, managerial, and government backgrounds
  • Regular opportunities to showcase their products with NHS and care decision-makers and influencers

'In its 70th year the NHS continues to support the spread of cutting edge innovation, from championing specific innovations to supporting frontline clinicians to develop their services. I look forward to seeing patients from across the country benefit as more companies are supported to bring their innovations into the NHS.' - Juliet Bauer, Chief Digital Officer at NHS England

Take a look at the DHA South West brochure below for more information.

Meet our 2018/19 Cohort

Clinical Design

Clinical Design researches and develops powerful medical devices to solve real-world healthcare challenges. Working collectively with clinicians, Clinical Design seeks to improve patient care, productivity, cost-efficiency and performance through technological innovation and intelligent human centred Design. Their flagship product Urine Testing System™ with a digital analyser will be launching at the end of 2018.

Health and Care Innovations

Health and Care Innovations make it easy to share high quality, reliable digital information to help your patients and staff, reduce your costs and increase your capacity. With one of the largest video library developed and signed off by clinicians, they are focused on developing, distributing and maintaining visual and audio content for use in care pathways for self care, mandatory information giving, and training.

@hcvlibrary /

K2 Medical Systems

K2 Medical Systems is an award-winning innovator dedicated to maternity care for over 30 years. Working across the UK, Australia and USA with over 500 hospital clients. K2's passion is to support maternity services and improve pregnancy outcomes using latest technology for hospital staff, women and babies.

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Signum Health

Signum Health’s i-navigator is a social prescribing tool which supports people in need of non-clinical care. With its integrated ecosystem of providers, i-navigator is a social prescribing tool for professionals across all care sectors to easily identify and refer to a range of accredited and user rated services, whilst providing 360-degree feedback.

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Ultramed is an award-winning company that has developed a suite of cloud-hosted pre-procedure assessment programs. Complex algorithms sit behind our flagship product, MyPreOp®, designed to enable patients to enter and share their health information, producing an electronic report which integrates easily into the hospital systems. Ultramed products empower patients, personalise care, and save staff time.

@ultramed_LTD /

'We know with our work through the Innovation Exchange and our partners in health and social care that digital technologies implemented in the right way can make a significant difference at a system and individual level. The dedication of the people working in frontline care inspires many of our innovators to bring products and services to market that are designed to support health and care. We are excited to be working with our innovators, partners and The AHSN Network on this accelerator this year.' - Rupa Chilvers, Programme Manager, South West AHSN

Working across England with digital health accelerators

The Digital Health Accelerators play a significant role in the Innovation Exchanges managed by The AHSN Network in England as well as EU funded projects in some areas. Seven AHSNs have been supporting a total of 34 companies in 2018/19 based on the model pioneered by DigitalHealth.London. The participating AHSNs are:

  • South West AHSN
  • Digital Health.London Accelerator including the AHSNs Health Innovation London, Imperial, UCLPartners
  • East Midlands AHSN
  • Health Innovation Manchester
  • Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN

'The Digital Health Accelerators have NHS principles at their core, using these as the filter to select high potential companies to work in collaboration with NHS organisations. They make it easier, simpler, and faster to deliver digitally enabled care; working with innovators that have invested in digital technologies and have big aspirations to help the existing healthcare system face up to its challenges.' - Mike Hannay, AHSN Network

A new programme for DHA South West is under development and announcements will be made in summer 2019.