Patient Safety Collaborative

The South West Patient Safety Collaborative has been established to support the local health system in the South West to deliver safe care through continual learning and improvement.

In 2013, NHS England and NHS Improving Quality (now NHS Improvement) announced the creation of 15 Patient Safety Collaboratives. The Collaboratives cover the geography of England and are hosted by the Academic Health Science Networks.

Patient Safety Collaboratives were created to build upon the already established patient safety work across the UK and create a strong culture of patient safety within the NHS, with the staff confident and skilled enough to deliver it.

The South West Patient Safety Collaborative grew out of the existing and successful ‘Safer Care South West’ partnership. The South West Patient Safety Collaborative covers a different geography and has a slightly different focus to previous patient safety programmes in the region, but benefits from a strong and recognised commitment to patient safety improvement in the region.

Working with our regional and national partners, we will build on the foundations of; Collaboration, Capability and Culture to create a positive environment where continuous improvement in patient safety can flourish.

For more information on our planned activities for 2016/17 please download our Plan on a Page which describes our key priorities and our work programme. You can also navigate the Resources menu to explore case studies and activities we have undertaken since our creation.

For more information or to subscribe to our monthly Patient Safety Newsletter, please contact a member of the Patient Safety team: